A series of diptych portrait paintings. First Panel contains only the face of a woman, a friend, or a relative whom I find significant to interact with while portraying. There is no complication with this panel, not much of background or accessories either. The face, by itself is representing the identity and character of a specific woman, the way I see her. The similarity in color, light, gazes and faces symbolizes the parallel characteristics in all these women.
The second panel is a semi-blind self-portrait drawing which appears to be the mirror image of the first panel. Loose but continuous contour line, minimum paint, washed marks, and preserving mistakes are to appreciate the honesty and freshness in this panel. The face, in here represents me, the way I see myself while I was portraying each and other woman. Although these are all self-portraits, they seem to represent different people. The variance in these representations symbolizes the diversity of all distinctive features, impressions, and emotions which form one person.

 Farrah, 2010     
 Hamideh, 2011     
 Brittany, 2010     
 Shokooh, 2011     
 Sahel, 2011     
 Haleh, 2011     
 Mina, 2010     
 Arezou, 2010